In 2006, an association for famers known as the Samoa Crops Cooperation Association (SCCA) was established.

The name of the association was recently changed to Samoa Farmers Association (SFA) to reflect its growing membership and expanding interests to other farming areas. Today the Samoa Farmers Association has over 300 members throughout Samoa, consisting of crops and livestock producers, individual farming families, village groups, and agricultural businesses.

Samoa Farmers Association provides small holder and village based farmers with opportunities and skills to improve farmers’ income and linkage with the market. SFA’s role is to:

  • Facilitate contact with suppliers of farm inputs.
  • Advise members on availability and quality of farm inputs.
  • Arrange, where possible, assistance to help farmers obtain farm inputs.
  • Organize events such as farm fairs where farmers may exhibit and market their produce.
  • Provide advice on market conditions, requirements, and prices.
  • Facilitate contact with interested buyers.


Commercially oriented smallholder and village based farmers contributing substantially to Samoa’s prosperity.


To provide smallholder and village farmers with the opportunities and skills to increase their income and
food security derived from farming.


Farmers and marketing/processing enterprises working together are the drivers of the agricultural sector – the role of SFA is to enhance farmers’ income through improving the linkages between farmers and these market entities.



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